sweet texts for her

  I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend.
  You're on my mind now and always.
  Thanks for bringing joy and love into my life.
  Every time I think about you, I smile.
  I don't say it enough, but wanted to let you know that I love you.
  I love you even more than when I began this sentence.
  They say love hurts, but I'm ready to take that risk, if it means that I'm going to be with you.
  I could not have done any better than you; you are perfect just the way you are.
  You are so amazing, you could only be a gift from God.
  You are the cutest and most adorable girl I know.
  No matter how bad my day went, when you smile you make everything all right.
  Believe me, there is no room left in my heart for another girl.
  My life is better with you by my side.
  For you, I may be just 1 person, but for me you are the world.
  I love everything about you.
  I'll climb any mountain, no matter how high, just to be with you.
  I will not allow anything to come between us.

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